How To Reduce Food Waste At Home

Did you know that one third of all food produced each year is lost or wasted. Thats around 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste! In Australia alone it is estimated that 35% of the household bin is food waste. 


How can we do our part to bring that number down and reduce our personal waste production?


Keep reading to find out our top tips to easily (and tastily) reduce food waste at home. 


Stale Bread

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Is your fresh bread looking old and stale? It may not be done for! 

Stale bread can be brought back to life by transforming it into either bread crumbs or croutons. 

To make croutons slice stale bread into small cubes and lightly fry or bake with some olive oil and salt. Use as a delicious and crunchy topper to any salad or soup. 

Making breadcrumbs with stale bread requires a food processor. Simply break up your stale bread and blitz in your food processor until it reaches your desired texture. 

Important note: Ensure your bread is not moldy or past its best before date before repurposing. 

Overripe Bananas

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Overripe bananas might not be the easiest on the eyes but they are sure to make a great addition to your next baking session. 

Mush up your overripe bananas and add them into your favourite sweet loaf recipe to create the ultimate banana baked treat! 

Overripe bananas can also be used in your smoothie mix for a super sweet and nutritious flavour boost. 

If you have more bananas than you can use, simply chop them up and place into the freezer in a freezer-safe bag. They will store for a few months until you are ready to use them!

Vegetable Scraps

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Perhaps your recipe calls for some onion, some leek or some celery. Don’t throw the tops, stalks or skins away! These are all packed with flavour and can be roasted and boiled into an amazing stock base for your next recipe. 

You can also freeze any scraps you have and store until you need them! 

Be sure to try these food tips at home and turn your food waste into delicious meals you couldn't imagine throwing out!