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❄️ Oat Milk - The Alternative Dairy Co
Oat Milk is a formulated non-dairy beverage made specifically for use by baristas with espresso...

Crackers - Asterisk Lavosh Cracker (Fennel & Thyme)
Fennel & Thyme lavosh is a traditional flat bread with ancient roots. Cultivated grains are...

Crackers - Asterisk Lavosh Cracker (Beetroot)
Traditional flat bread with ancient roots. Cultivated grains are pounded into flour then mixed with...

Strangelove - DIRTY TONIC 180ML X 4 PACK
This dirty tonic is created using raw wildcrafted cinchona bark. The result is a tonic...

Strangelove - SOFT DRINK - YUZU 300ML X 4 PACK
Yuzu is a hybrid citrus grown in cool, mountainous regions of Japan which embodies all...

Fancy Hanks - Cayenne & Watermelon Hot Sauce
Fruity and fresh with mild chillies. If you’re new to spice, here’s your jumping off...

We combined the juice of Australian Limes from Mildura with the fiery heat of Mexican Jalapeño....

❄️ Falafel - Made by Kade
Made By Kade Falafel are Raw fresh snap-frozen balls of goodness which can be baked...

The Rusty Bus Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Gilmore Valley Grove’s The Rusty Bus Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the winner of TWO...

Biscuits - Chocolate Langues De Chat Biscuit 140
Chocolate cat’s tongue shaped biscuit with a crunchy, snappy texture,. Each variety has its own...

Biscuits - Asterik Almond & Vanilla Langues De Chat Biscuit 140g
Almond & vanilla cat’s tongue shaped biscuit with a crunchy, snappy texture. Each variety has...
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Fancy Hanks - Pineapple Reaper
The perfect blend of sweet and heat. Who are we kidding, there’s way too much...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Red Lentil Dahl (Serves 2)
 If ordering frozen meals please leave out an esky with ice for our driver to...

❄ CLEARANCE Best Before 18 Dec 23 - Soya King Silken Tofu 300g
Silken tofu is undrained and unpressed tofu. It has the highest water content of all types of tofu and...
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Spiral Organic Chickpeas
Spiral Organic Chickpeas make traditional Middle Eastern cuisine accessible with their organic, pre-cooked chickpeas. Reduce...

Fancy Hanks - Habernero & Carrot Hot Sauce 200ml
Use sparingly in a stew or put a splash in your chicken marinade and this...
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❄ Soya King Hard Tofu 600g
Firm tofu, the most common, has the same consistency as feta, while the texture of...
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❄️The Good Farm Shop - Chicken & Leek Pie
SERVES 2 (700g) Our organic Chicken and Leek Pie is a culinary delight, with each...
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Spiral Organic Cannellini Beans
Organic Cannellini Beans are a staple mediterranean cuisine. Lower carbohydrates and higher protein.
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Spiral Organic Kidney Beans
These organic red kidney beans are a staple for Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. Mild and...
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Dairy Free Coconut Kefir Mylk - Living Coconut 500ml
Living coconut kefir, the first coconut kefir available in Australia! We handcraft a deliciously smooth...

Spiral Organic Hulled Tahini
Our Organic Hulled Tahini has a mild sesame flavour. The seeds are processed using water...
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Spiral Organic Lentils
Our Organic Lentils are versatile and nutritious, easy to prepare for cooking dishes.
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Spiral Organic Borlotti Beans
Organic Borlotti Beans offer a unique culinary experience. These spiral-shaped beans are known for their...