BushFire Recovery & Community


On Friday the 3rd January 2020, out of control fires raced towards the "undefendable" Batlow community.

However, with the hard work (and a bit of luck) from the community and RFS, we were able to save most of Batlow.

Located about 100 km west of Canberra, Batlow is now charred by flames that destroyed:

  • the old hospital
  • blew up the petrol station
  • burnt 17 houses in town
  • an untold number of outlying properties & farms

So the dust has finally started to settle in Batlow and the long recovery & rebuilding phase has already started.

It’s been a tough & draining few weeks for everyone in Batlow and surrounding areas. From the amazing RFS, residents & farmers who stayed to save the town and their livelihoods, to the families & residents who had to leave for safety reasons. It’s been equally as harrowing experience in different ways and will continue to be for some time.

The cherry, berry & apple crops from Batlow have been heavily impacted by the fires.

On a good note, nature has started to rejuvenate & a little rain has fallen so fingers crossed it keeps coming.

We are continuing to raise funds for the recovery through our GoFundMe campaign & by donating 10% of our online sales.

We have commenced putting the donations to good use by placing the 1st order for new fencing. This will be installed free of charge by the amazing teams from Blaze Aid. It also looks like Blaze Aid will also be able to match the replacement material provided by us so the donations will be going a long way.

Thank you for all your support!



When you shop with us online, you can choose to donate 10% of your spend to one of the following communities*:

  • Rural & Remote Mental Health
  • Arealize
  • Fusion North
  • Leichardt Community Church
  • OzHarvest
  • The Freedum Hub
  • R U OK?
  • Maroubra Neighbourhood Children's Centre
  • Annandale Public School
  • Woollahra Public School
  • Liber8 Me

    *While Batlow recovers from the bushfires, we will be supporting the Batlow Bushfire Recovery.



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      2. Fill out the form we send you and tell us your fundraising goal: how much you'd like to raise and what it'll be used for (check our list above to see what we support)
      3. Once approved, your community group will be listed as a donation option at our checkout
      4. Let the rest of your group know. Every time they shop, 10% of your purchase value goes to your community fundraising goal
      5. Once you reach your target we’ll get in touch and send you the funds