How it Works


Fresh from the farm. Proudly Australian owned.
At Hillview Farms we grow our own produce at our farm in Batlow NSW, and what we don’t grow ourselves, we source from a select few family growers around the state who share our values around superior quality food and sustainable farming.
We pay our farmers upfront and up to double what the supermarkets pay. Buying from us directly supports NSW farmers.


No synthetic chemicals or artificial ripening
Our passion for harvesting superior, sustainable produce – seasonally and consistently - means no synthetic chemicals, and no nasty artificial gas-ripening.
Leaving the fruit to fully ripen on the tree allows the natural sugar levels time to develop which enhances the flavour and colour.


Delivered to your door
Our produce is collected from the farmers before the sun comes up, and driven to Sydney – you can’t get fresher without growing it yourself.

Our delivery days are currently Tuesday to Saturday. For a list of our delivery areas, please see our delivery page.

We give back to the community

We are a social impact organisation, which means that helping others is at the heart of what we are about. We give 5% of every online sale back to the community. Groups we support including Rural and Remote Mental Health, RUOK & Annandale Public School.

If you have a community group that you would like to support please send us the details and we can add it to our list.