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Hillview Pot of Gold Apple Paste
Our Original Pot of Gold Apple Paste made by Jason with Granny Smith Apples from...

Freshly Made Garlic Toum - 200g
Traditional Turkish Dips made by Alpy and his fabulous team at the Old Rosebud Cafe,...
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Tuscan Mixed Olives - 300g
A magnificent visual display of four different olives with complimenting bursts of flavour. This mix...

Semi Dried Tomatoes
Plump and juicy semi dried tomatos in oil.

Pickles, Bread & Butter Cucumber - 250g
Bread and butter cucumbers   

Pickles, Dill - 300g
Dill is the classic pickle; perfect on a sandwich, burger or hot dog    

❄️ ONYA! Australian Pickled Vegetable - Wattleseed & Native Oregano
Made in Sydney, NSW
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❄️ ONYA! Australian Pickled Cucumber - Mountain Pepper & Lemon Myrtle
Made in Sydney, NSW

Muscatel Grapes
Our muscatel grapes are 100% chemical free and naturally dried in the Australian sun producing...

❄️ Capocollo - The Good Deli
Pork Scotch fillet/pork neck which is salted, cured and dried for about 3-6 months. 

❄️Fennel & Garlic Salami Sliced - The Good Deli
Dry salt cured, fermented salami.  Free range, chemical nitrate free, made in small batches in...

❄️Truffle (Tartufo) Salami Sliced - The Good Deli
Free range, chemical nitrate free, made in small batches in natural casings, and flavoured with...

❄️ Leg Ham Sliced - The Good Deli
Lightly smoked using age old techniques with apple wood, beechwood, herbs & spices. No additives...

❄️ Flat Pancetta - The Good Deli

❄️Mortadella Sliced - The Good Deli
Free range pork, garlic and spices

❄️Wagyu Bresaola - The Good Deli
100g Sliced Wagyu Bresaola

Garlic Scape Paste - 100g
Grown just outside of Goulburn by our farming friend Steve, this incredible Organic Garlic Scape...

❄️Gamze Smoked Chicken
Smoked Chicken breast is a very special product and a lot of our customers say...