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SONETT - Ecologically Conscientious

Awarded Germany's Sustainability Prize in 2022, Sonett is a pioneer in sustainable cleaning technology and is fully committed to creating a better future and society through their charitable foundation.  Sonnet incorporates completely biodegradable raw materials such as purely plant-derived soaps, sugar surfactants, and minerals such as sodium carbonate and silicates into its cleaners to create highly efficacious, cleaning products that benefit the environment.

All Sonett products are certified NCP (Nature Care Product) which is the highest ecological standard for laundry and household cleaning products. All products are vegan with the exception of Gall Soap/Liquid, Wool Care, Floor Mopping Fluid and BioBubbles.

SODASAN -The Clean Way to Clean

As activists in the environmental, peace and anti-nuclear movement, Jürgen Hack and Kerstin Stromberg met and fell in love in the early 1980s. With a handful of their fellow activists, they embarked on their mission 'the clean way to clean'.

Sodasan's products all utilise the principles of: Clean Contents and Clean Packaging

All Sodasan products are vegan and certified NCP (Nature Care Product) the highest ecological standard for laundry and household cleaning products.

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Sonett - Toilet Cleaner - Mint Myrtle 750ml
100% plants, without petrochemicals Effectively removes dirt, urine and hard water deposits Pure essential oils...

Sodasan - Dish Liquid - Lemon & Lime 1L
For gleaming dishes and sparkling glasses Benefits: no residue of unnecessary chemicals on the dishes...

Sodasan - Hand Soap Liquid - 300ml
Benefits produced with nourishing organic olive oil natural scent from pure essential oils free of...

Sonett - Eco Sponge - 2 Pack
Made of cellulose, sisal fibres, recycled PET Scratch-free sponge, washable up to 60°C Also suitable...

Sodasan - Eco Sponge Cloths - 2 Pack
high absorbency, long-lasting sponge cloths in a 2 pack Benefits SODASAN Eco Sponge Cloths are...

Sodasan - Oxygen Bleach 500g
Benefits effective, hygienic stain removal through active oxygen unscented dermatologically tested no preservatives, enzymes or...

Sodasan - Laundry Liquid - Wool & Delicates 750ml
Benefits: suitable for all delicate fabrics natural scent through pure essential oil dermatologically tested no...

Sonett - Bleach Complex (Stain Remover) 450g
With pure oxygen, without petrochemical substances For all washable white and colourfast textiles made from...

Sonett - Orange Power Cleaner - 500ml
Highly concentrated, with organic orange oil Powerful cleaner for kitchen, householdand repair shop Effective against...

Sonett - Laundry Liquid Sensitive - 2L
Recommended for people with allergies Purely plant surfactants Without any petrochemical ingredients Without fragrances, colourings...

Sodasan - Laundry Liquid 1.5L
Your advantage: made from high quality organic vegetable oils natural scent with essential oils no...

Sonett - Dishwashing Liquid - Calendula 1L
Pure plant surfactants, especially gentle to the skin Mild spagyric Calendula essence With organic sweet...

Sonett - Dishwashing Liquid - Lemon 1L
Pure plant surfactants, especially gentle to the skin For manual cleaning of dishes Natural fresh...

Sonett - Hand Soap Sensitive 1L
Suitable for hands, face and body Recommended for people with allergies Purely plant surfactants Without...

Sonett - Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk - 1L
For all textiles made of natural fibres and blended fabrics Maintains elasticity and softness of...

Sonett - Lavender Laundry Liquid - 2L
With organic plant oil soap, without enzymes, GMO-free Good washing performance, suitable for white and...