Super Smoothies Guide

Smoothies are a tasty and easy way to ensure you are getting in the recommended serve of fruits and veggies. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a passion for green smoothies, we’ve got the guide to making any smoothie great! Keep reading to find out all the components to making your smoothie.


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At the start of any good smoothie is your main flavour and the base of your smoothie. We recommend a mix of your favourite fruits to add sweetness and great taste to your smoothie. If you have any fruit that is over-ripe, smoothies are a great way to utilize them as their texture is masked. Frozen fruit is also fantastic in smoothies and gives a thicker texture. Hillview Farms has recently introduced a new range of frozen fruits which included a variety of delicious native fruits.Take things up a notch with your next smoothie with some frozen Davidson Plum, Muntries or Dessert Limes.  


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You’d be surprised how easy it is to sneak some greens into your smoothies without realising. If you’re a beginner to adding greens to your smoothies, try a handful of spinach first. Trust us, the flavour of the spinach will be masked by the taste of your base ingredients. If you’d like to take green smoothies to the next level, try adding veggies such as kale, cucumber and zucchini

Binding Liquid

Once you’ve got all the solid ingredients for your smoothie, it's time for the binding liquid to transform it into a slurpable masterpiece. Here at Hillview Farms we have recently introduced our new almond milk products including original and unsweetened flavour. Almond milk is the perfect binding liquid for any smoothie producing a nutritious blend of whole almonds and protein. If you’re running a little low on ingredients, you can also add some water as your binding liquid. The more liquid you add, the thinner your smoothie will be. 

Mix and match your favourite fruits, greens and binding liquids to create custom flavour combinations with the help of Hillview Farms! 

Ready to create your own smoothie masterpiece? Check out this delicious green smoothie recipe below:

Spinach Smoothie

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Ingredients you’ll need:

Step 1.

Whizz the frozen spinach with the avocado, chopped mango, banana and milk (we used unsweetened oat milk) in a powerful blender until smooth. 

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