Meet Natalie from Momma Kombucha

I am a local North Balgowlah mum with 2 young boys.

I have always been extremely excited and interested in food and studied at Le Cordon Bleu and TAFE. Many moons ago, I sold scrumptious cake, brownie and cookie mixes, toured Australia with the Good Food Show, Masterchef show and many local Sydney markets.

As my family evolved, I decided to focus on them instead. With a slight change in direction and a few family allergies to sort out, I started focusing on gut health research and healing through food without the use of drugs or creams.

My son’s complex combination of health issues include anxiety, asthma, food allergies, rashes and more.  Many of the recommended prescribed drugs interfered with his stomach and gut, causing him pain, moodiness and loss of appetite.

Adding one daily drug can not only destroys your microbiome, but also causes other unpleasant symptoms, which then require more drugs. It’s an endless cycle, which made me all the more convinced to find a better solution.

I spent years researching & experimenting and started introducing many good gut health foods, including sauerkrauts and kombucha.  This path of research also examined the difference between mainstream supermarket foods and small artisanal foods.  It taught me to read the labels, understand the E-numbers, but mostly it lead me to creating a delicious and healthy set of foods, that I trust and feed to my own family.  Even our chocolate spread was inspired by my son, containing gut healing organic coconut oil and organic coconut sugar!

With the introduction of gut healing foods and natural supplements, I was able to help with the control of my son’s issues.  After a few years of gut healing foods, we successfully reintroduced gluten.  Which was a major success.  Anyone on a gluten free, dairy free diet, will know how hard that can be.

I started Momma Kombucha when we got a real taste for Kombucha and started sharing with all our friends.

With my background in food production and my interest in health, it seemed like a natural progression to share my kombucha love with the world.

We include our beautiful living Kombucha as part as our daily routine to vitalise and energise our bodies and hope you enjoy trying it too.

Running a kombucha business, I have heard many a story of success through my loyal and wonderful customers, most of whom are also searching for natural and traditional answers to our modern day issues.

I invite you to give our real kombucha and foods a taste and chance.  We use real ingredients, locally sourced.  No added flavours, preservatives or additives.  Our recipes are real, the same as you would use at home and because of this we have short shelf lives for our products.  You can taste the difference when you eat real foods.

Natalie xx

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