Hillview Poem

By Ashleigh Carrigg
There’s a farm in Batlow called Hillview
That has nut trees and an orchard or two 
With a love for the land came a family man
Who wanted to share what he grew
He planted and sowed whatever would grow 
At first just for those he held dear
Then to market he hopped with his harvested crops
But sold out so he went for a beer!
As the markets grew it was so that he knew
There’d be others just like him close by
So he popped on his hat and stopped by for a chat 
With those that could offer supply 
What formed was a community of farming folk
Who together were able to feed the big smoke!
So If you don’t have a place to grow your own
And you want to support whats locally grown
Check out Hillview Farms cause I guarantee 
Your taste buds will do a little dance of glee!