Diabetes Alive Fundraising Event at Hillview Farms - 26 November

My name is Fifi Hazzouri, I am the founder of Diabetes Alive.

I lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 38 year until my lifesaving double organ Kidney Pancreases Transplant in September 2019. I have heard all the good and bad things about diabetes, have had fantastic support not only from family but endocrinologist, diabetes educators, dietitians, podiatrist, ophthalmic surgeon you name it, but it didn’t really hit home until March 20 2012, when I had my first heart attack, not only did this shock me but it brought the reality of my disease to life.

I subsequently suffered a couple more, which ultimately led to the complete failure of my kidneys requiring a double organ transplant.

Throughout this experience it has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life, I questioned many things the main one was “why me and why has this happened” which led to depression. However, I decided I was going to tackle this head on, and this is how Diabetes Alive started.

I decided that my mission and my journey was to work on providing support to other young children living with diabetes and working on my own organisation to help raise enough funds to find a cure, and until they find a cure, I wanted to help support newly diagnosed people with Type 1 Diabetes have the best resources so they would hopefully never experience my complications.

Which has led me here today.

Today Diabetes Alive in partnership with Medtronic, Variety – The Children’s Charity and Rotary, key market leaders have joined to hero The Diabetes Alive Insulin Pump Program.  This strong partnership has formed to ensure the success of our Insulin Pump Program and to help raise awareness to highlight the importance of the need for Insulin Pumps as a vital lifesaving product, that children living with Diabetes need in order live a “normal” life without complications.

Diabetes Alive will be hosting a Charity Fund Raiser Saturday 26 November at Hillview Farms, to raise much needed funds to support our Insulin Pump Program. This program financially supports families of children living with Type 1 Diabetes by providing an Insulin Pump, which they would not be able to afford.

It is going to be great evening with great food made with Hillview Farms Farm Fresh produce, raffles, a silent auction and goodie bags.

We would love if you could join us at the event by purchasing a ticket here.

Kind regards
Fifi Hazzouri