5 Essential Ingredients For Italian Cooking

While we may not be able to travel to Italy at the moment, there is no reason why we can’t bring Italy to us by whipping up some delicious Italian feasts at home!  Italian cuisine is world famous and is best known for its large variety of pastas, pizzas, cheeses and desserts. No matter which Italian dish you choose to create, incorporating any of the below ingredients will ensure that delicious, authentic Italian flavour we all love. 


1. Garlic 

Garlic is an important part of any savory Italian dish and can be used raw, sauteed or cooked into stews. It is important to note that we are talking about delicious, fresh garlic here, none of that jarred stuff! Fresh garlic that has been lightly sauteed adds a rich taste that creates a flavorful cooking base. The secret to the best Italian cooking is to use in moderation so as not to overpower the other fresh and delicious ingredients! 


2. Basil 

This fragrant herb has a smokey and minty taste that is incredibly popular in Italian cooking. It is often used in its raw state, providing a fresh taste and vibrant green colour to any dish.  Basil is often used in tomato sauces and as a topper for the famous Italian pizzas.


3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the key ingredients in Italian cooking and forms the basis of almost every great pizza or pasta dish! Tomatoes can be included fresh or cooked into a meal for a richer flavour. The slightly sweet flavour of tomatoes perfectly balances its acidity and pairs well with a light sprinkle of salt and splash of olive oil. 


4. Rosemary

This delicious herb is best utilized during the cooking process of your next Italian feast. Rosemary is best known for its woody and peppery flavour which perfectly complements roasted vegetables and meat preparations. To bring the most flavour out of your rosemary, pair with garlic, lemon and a protein of your choice! 


5. Olive Oil

This ‘liquid gold’ is the cornerstone of all great Italian food. The final step of most recipes is a often generous drizzle of olive oil. Olive oil is commonly used for its distinct, peppery flavour. It can be used as dip for freshly baked Italian bread, as a finishing drizzle over a salad or during the cooking process. 

Italian cuisine is well known for its simple yet delicious recipes that celebrate each ingredient and showcase their natural flavour. Such simplicity calls for high quality produce that naturally sings on the plate. Bring your Italian cooking to life with the help of Hillview Farms. 

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