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Proper Crisps - Proper Core Cider Vinegar 140g
Doing things differently is in our DNA, so we added a proper twist to this...

Funday Strawberries & Cream - 50g
Treat your tastebuds to this classic duo - juicy strawberry and rich creamy flavours. Not...

Funday Sour Cola Bottles - 50g
Treat ya tastebuds to a mouth-watering blend of sourness and cola flavour, with a hint...

Funday Raspberry Gummy Frogs - 50g
Made with real food ingredients and gut-loving prebiotic fibre, our raspberry frogs are a guilt-free...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Coconut Chicken Curry (Serves 2)
Presenting our irresistible Coconut Chicken Curry, a culinary delight that will transport your taste buds to...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Beef Massaman Curry (Serves 2)j
Introducing our mouthwatering Massaman Beef Curry, a delectable blend of rich flavours and aromatic spices that...
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❄️The Good Farm Shop - Apple Crumble ( Serves 2)
Prepare to indulge in the warm and comforting flavours of our gluten-free Apple Crumble. Each spoonful...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Red Lentil Dahl (Serves 2)
 If ordering frozen meals please leave out an esky with ice for our driver to...
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❄️The Good Farm Shop - Yellow Chicken Curry (Serves 2)
 If ordering frozen meals please leave out an esky with ice for our driver to...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Til's Veggie Curry (Serves 2)
Introducing our Til's Veggie Curry, a comforting, hearty meal that celebrates the vibrant flavours of fresh, seasonal vegetables...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Shepherd's Pie ( Serves 2-3)
Introducing our irresistible Shepherd's Pie, a classic comfort dish reimagined with a commitment to sustainability and...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Tashi's Butter Chicken ( Serves 2)
Indulge in the rich and irresistible flavours of Tashi’s Organic Butter Chicken, a traditional, much loved Indian...

❄️The Good Farm Shop - Fish Pie ( Serves 2)
Dive into our delectable Fish Pie, crafted with quality ingredients including wild MSC certified Ling, and...

Fancy Hanks Gift Pack
This Fancy Hanks Gift Pack includes five of our greatest hits – perfect for your...

Organic Udon Noodles - Hakubaku 270g
Japanese Udon noodles are thicker, soft, but slightly chewy white noodles. They are made from...

Fancy Hanks - Pineapple Reaper
The perfect blend of sweet and heat. Who are we kidding, there’s way too much...

Chunky Dave's Peanut Butter
100% AWESOME. NO ADDED RUBBISH Handmade with Australian peanuts, sea salt & peanut oil. Chunky...
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Organic Ramen Noodles - Hakubaku 270g
Hakubaku’s Organic Ramen Noodles are thin, Chinese-style noodles made from organic soft wheat. They have...

Organic Soba Noodles - Hakubaku 270g
Organic Soba is a medium flat noodle with a brown colouring that is brought about by the inclusion...
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Organic Black Licorice180g Green Grove
Our Licorice is made with real licorice roots and free of preservatives. The root of...
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❄️ Oat Milk - The Alternative Dairy Co
Oat Milk is a formulated non-dairy beverage made specifically for use by baristas with espresso...

❄️Wagyu Bresaola - The Good Deli
100g Sliced Wagyu Bresaola
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❄️ Pumpkin & Parmesan Agnolotti - Per Tutti
Fresh Italian style dumplings made from potato.
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❄️ Hommous - Fresh Fodder
Fresh Fodder offer a range of dips that are fresh and easy options to create...
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