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Kiwi Fruit
Beautiful locally grown Kiwi Fruit. Full of Magnesium, Vitamin C, Potassium, Fiber and Vitamin E!

❄ Momma Kombucha Tumeric & Ginger Shots
  Our kombucha is traditionally fermented, in stainless steel, for 4-7 weeks. It is not...

Fancy Hanks - Pineapple Reaper
The perfect blend of sweet and heat. Who are we kidding, there’s way too much...

Macadamia Butter - Roasted Salted - 200g - Brother Mountain Macadamias
Salted Macadamia Butter It can be used as a dairy butter alternative, a milk concentrate...

Macadamia Butter - Cacao & Honey - 200g - Brother Mountain Macadamias
A custom made chocolate macadamia spread, made from raw cacao, raw local honey and our...

Macadamia Butter - Plain - 200g - Brother Mountain Macadamias
Plain Roasted Macadamia Butter It can be used as a dairy butter alternative, a milk...

Syrup Maple Pure 250ml Absolute Organic ACO
Our Absolute Organic Maple Syrup is a Premium Canadian product with Grade A - AMBER....

Absolute Organic - Nutritional Yeast- 150g
Our Absolute Natural Nutritional Yeast Flakes are a seasoning obtained from a deactivated organism grown...

Absolute Organic - Pumpkin Kernels (pepitas) 150g
Source of Magnesium. Vegan, No Nasties added.  
$4.19 $3.99

The No Bake Company Almond Butter Blondie No Bake Bar Mixture 580g
  The infamous almond butter blondie Make's 14 bars or 70 bite size piece's -...

Milk Coco Quench 1L Pureharvest ACO
Our popular Coco Quench is a delicious non-dairy milk made from a blend of coconut...
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LemonLimeBitter No Sugar 330ml PS Organic
PS Organic Soft Drinks are made the old fashioned way with the best ingredients to...

Thistle Be Good - Pers!an Quinoa with Date Pistachio - 225g
Our biggest selling quinoa! Yes, it is Gluten Free, and people love to mix it...

Fair Australian Hemp Seeds - 240g
100% Australian Grown Hemp Seeds Fair Foods work directly with Tasmanian Farmers, paying them above...
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STOCKTAKE SALE Absolute Organic Raw Sugar - 700g
Our Raw Sugar is produced from the juice found in the stalk of the sugarcane...
$5.49 $3.85

The Chia Co - Black Chia Seed
The Chia Co recommend one tablespoon (15g) of chia, every day. Sprinkle onto your muesli...

NoShu - 99% sugar free low carb Pancake Mix
99% sugar freelow carb pancake mix

NoShu Milk Chocolate Baking Chips
Noshu low sugar choc baking chips and milk chocolate melts have been designed for home...

Famous Candy All Natural Frogs Sugar Free 180g
We all loved red frogs growing up! But the sugar crash that followed wasn’t always...

Famous Candy All Natural Snakes Sugar Free 180g
We all loved snakes growing up! But the sugar crash that followed wasn’t always a...

Naked Byron Food’s Chipotle Mayo is made with Australian sunflower oil and aquafaba. The range...
$9.99 $8.99

❄ Minor Figures Australian Oat Milk
Oat Milk
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 Thought Cinnamon Scroll Cake was reserved for from-scratch baking or for the US only? Think...

❄ Foddies Sticky Toffee Pudding (300g) - FROZEN
  Thought delicious desserts were completely off the menu? Think again! The Foddies team have...