Katie Swift Cordials - Tangelo & Lime

Katie Swift Cordials - Tangelo & Lime

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Katie Swift Cordials are made by hand with only natural ingredients. There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

The Tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and the heritage variety of grapefruit called Pomelo. The Tangelo is in some places known as Honeybelle, a pretty name which better congers its tangy, sweet intensity. This sweet fruitiness , is balanced with the tart sharpness of Lime to present a Cordial which is deliciously, freshly  citrus. Tastes like a summer day in the orchard.

Combine with sparkling water for a great soft drink, or with any number of spirits.......just 50/50 with vodka over ice is pretty damn good.

About Katie Swift

Katie’s Swift’s career in food began some time last century, as a cadet journalist at Woman’s Day Magazine, under the tutelage of the late, great Margaret Fulton OAM. After splitting her time between the magical test kitchen, and the not so magical kitchen-at-home-with-two-small-children, Katie started a catering business, so successful, it featured in Gourmet Traveller magazine. 

(Heavy sigh, while we recall the golden era of Australian food magazines!)

Katie was eventually lured back to become the Food Editor of Interiors Magazine.  There followed decade of developing recipes, cooking and styling for photography and building great relationships within the food industry.

Mad cooking skills, a unique food aesthetic and a new baby led to more career challenges; freelance food styling for editorial and advertising, magazine and television. Katie showed home cooks how to get that professional touch, just when MasterChef told us, “It has to be perfect. This is me on a plate!”

Then, one day in 2012, Katie gave a bottle of her homemade Lemon Cordial to a friend who was opening a cafe.......and thousands of bottles and sixteen flavours later, Katie Swift Cordials is a thing. 

It’s not Katie in a bottle, but it is handmade with love and sunshine and locally sourced fruit, mostly from growers who are friends. And the three children are grown now, and they occasionally help with the labelling, and always help with the tasting, in their clever mother’s very own test kitchen, at home in Marrickville.

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