Dairy Free Coconut Kefir Mylk - Living Coconut 500ml

Dairy Free Coconut Kefir Mylk - Living Coconut 500ml

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Living coconut kefir, the first coconut kefir available in Australia! We handcraft a deliciously smooth and creamy dairy free kefir that uses organic coconut milk, live cultures and lacto fermentation to create a coconut kefir like no other.. our kefir has a distinct sour tang and is teeming with beneficial probiotics, drink daily and beautify your body from the inside!

Our coconut products contan less than 2% sugar after fermentation, yes, we add sugar to feed the bacteria during fermentation, however this sugar is consumed by the good bacteria, the finished product you enjoy is almost sugar free..

Our range is made from organic coconut cream that we import directly from the Indonesian tropics, we add no fillers or additives which can sometimes contain traces of dairy, rest assured you are consuming pure coconut goodness.

Our coconut cream is ethically sourced and organically grown

Unlike some other coconut products, our range is fermented naturally and cultured with multiple strains of bacteria and probiotics, our range is tangy and sometimes has a light fizz due to being alive!


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