Seniors Singles Box

Seniors Singles Box

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Our seniors singles boxes are filled to the brim with farm-fresh goodness.

The approximate daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables for over 50's is 2 cups per day for women and 2.5 cups per day for men. This box is enough to exceed the recommended daily intake for a single person for 2 weeks.

Contents might change due to seasonality

To receive Free Delivery on our seniors boxes please email with your Seniors Card and we will send you a code to be able to receive Free Delivery.

 Quantity Item Approximate Cups
3 Carrots 3
3 Zucchini 2
1 Broccoli 2
120g Baby Spinach 1
150g Mushrooms 1
500g Pumpkin 2
400g Cucumbers 2
400g Sweet Potato 2
200g Beans 1
1 Capsicum 1
1 Brown Onions 1
1Kg  Potato 2
300g Tomatoes 1
1 Avocado 1
2 Pears 2
4 Bananas 4
Apples 3

400g Grapes 4


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