Pepe Saya Salted Cultured Butter - 200g

Pepe Saya Salted Cultured Butter - 200g

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Our cultured butter is made with our crème fraiche (soured cream). To make our crème fraiche we add a culture (lactobacillus) to the cream and then ferment it, for the pure reason of flavouring the fat in the cream. Once the cream matures, we churn it into Pepe Saya Cultured Butter.

When you first open your butter it will have a tangy and creamy flavour. Over time the culture will develop, which enhances the flavour. Developing cultures will give the butter a cheesier taste and more pungent smell. This is a typical characteristic of cultured butter.

How should you use your Pepe Saya?

Like any butter.

Our favourite way to enjoy the unique flavours on cultured butter is to cook a fried egg in it. The heat will bring the cultures to life and let its true flavours shine. 

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