Long Track Pantry, Blood Orange & Gin Marmalade - 300ml

Long Track Pantry, Blood Orange & Gin Marmalade - 300ml

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Blood orange and gin – a match made in heaven! This marmalade is made in our usual chunky style using the whole orange.
The gin adds a lovely complexity to the sweet blood orange marmalade.

Serving Suggestion

Great on toast with cream cheese or ricotta cheese.


The Long Track Pantry was opened in the old general store in Jugiong in 2006 by local owners Huw & Juliet Robb. The goal was to provide a great quality country food store with house made cakes, preserves, sauces and dressings as well as outstanding strong coffee and delicious treats for customers to enjoy.

Juliet has a passion for honest country recipes and modern flavours. Juliet brings the traditional country methods to the Long Track creating recipes that fill our Pantry shelves with delicious preserves.

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