Westbourne Lane Gourmet Ready-Made Meals

Gavin Carfax-Foster & family started Westbourne Lane as a Pop Up in his rear laneway serving gourmet ready-made meals during lockdown in 2020, which led him to leave his role as Culinary Director & Group General Manager, and officially pursue WL full time in July 2022.

He is an acclaimed fine dining chef with over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, and has worked in several three hatted Sydney restaurants including est. (Merivale owned) where he was the right hand man to Executive Chef Peter Doyle for five years.

“Working at a three hat level of fine dining was a great experience, and I learnt to put all of my years of training using top quality produce, and  fresh ingredients into practice. It takes great focus, precision and technique, as well as a passion and resilience, to always be trying to be the best version of yourself.

One of the motto’s I live by is that of my former mentor and employer “whatever you do, do it well” Mr John Hemmes (Merivale Founder)

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