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Emmaline's Choc Coated Honeycomb
Milk Chocolate Coated Honeycomb A yellow coloured confectionery product, with a typical brittle yet ‘chalky/spongey’...

Emmaline's Dark Chocolate Oranges
Made from fresh oranges that are sliced, dried and dipped in smooth, rich dark chocolate.

Emmaline's Rocky Road Bites
Pieces of classic rocky road with the addition of 'red raspberry jellies' and milk couverture...

Hunted+Gathered - Chocolate - Belize
  This bar features cacao from Belize exhibiting notes of pineapple, plum and caramel to...
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Hunted+Gathered - Chocolate - Four Pillars Gin
 Four Pillars Gin x Hunted+Gathered have brought together their unique crafts and passion for nose-to-tail practices,...

Hunted+Gathered - Chocolate - Hazelnut
This bar features roasted hazelnuts, adding a sweet crunch to their rich 70% dark chocolate.

Hunted+Gathered - Chocolate - Sesame
This bar features lightly toasted sesame seeds, adding a crisp, nutty flavour to their rich...

Hunted+Gathered - Drinking Chocolate - Organic 60%
Our organic 60% drinking chocolate features cacao from the Dominican Republic, think deep chocolate, stone...
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James Road Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger

Rocky Road - Sydney Marshmellow Company Salted Caramel Crunch
 Salted Caramel Rocky Road - 300g

Rocky Road Milk Choc Cranberry Almond Coconut 300g - Sydney Marshmallow Co.
Incredibly addictive Rocky Road. A perfect mix of Cranberry, Almond and Coconut in Milk Chocolate!