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Ann Taylor | Functional Nutritionist
Sunnyside Health & Wellbeing
Adv Dip Nut Med, BSc, Msc (chem.eng) 






Ann is one of our longtime market staff members at the Hornsby Organic Food Markets. A veritable font of knowledge when it comes to the health benefits of the produce we sell, she is a valuable asset to the Hillview Farms family.

As a functional nutritionist, her goal is to help you achieve better health by empowering you with knowledge and providing practical support for your health journey.

Thanks to her engineering background, she utilizes her analytical skills, systems thinking, and attention to detail to assess blood results from a functional perspective, so she can advise on strategies to reverse a trend towards disease. This approach is ideal for primary prevention of illness and physiological dysfunction.

She specializes in both private consultations and group assessments, and works with her clients to prioritise optimising their nutritional foundation with appropriate-for-you smart use of wholesome foods, including fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, digestible proteins and healthy fats, with quality nutritional supplements (when appropriate). 

She also collaborates with a talented group of health professionals and healthy food providers like Hillview Farms in organising and presenting workshops to empower groups of people to make dietary and lifestyle changes that improve their energy, vitality, resilience and happiness.

If you'd like assistance in achieving better health for you, your family, or community/work group, you can get in touch with her via or come and have a chat with her between 8am and 1pm on Thursdays at our market stall.