Taluca Park Free Range Eggs. 700g

Taluca Park Free Range Eggs. 700g

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Taluca Park is located in the picturesque Southern Highlands, in the small town of Exeter. We are a family run farm on 140 acres on which we raise Berkshire pigs, free-range pasture raised egg laying Chickens and Angus Cattle. While farming is in our blood our passion for farming came about from a desire to eat quality, chemical free produce.  

Happy, Healthy Animals - Simple enough concept with a less than simple application. At Taluca Park we believe in grass first, wide open spaces and as little interference as possible to delivery the best results in everything we grow and raise on the farm. 

We believe our bio dynamic practices together with holistic management and the moving of animals to regenerate the landscape produces some of the best produce available. 

Taluca Park Free Range eggs are the product of  happy, healthy, free roaming birds...

While our girls have a constant supply of seed and grain to satisfy their dietary requirements, at Taluca Park they are also free to roam our fresh green bio dynamic pasture all day long. 

We utilise rotational grazing practices; relocating our birds on a weekly basis onto fresh pasture, where they can scratch and peck for worms, dust bath and roam free. We never have more than 24 chickens to an acre.  

At Taluca Park we have an ethical approach to sustainable farming to ensure our animals all lead a happy and healthy life on our farm. 

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