"Personal" Scotch Fillet Ham with truffles (Deposit)

"Personal" Scotch Fillet Ham with truffles (Deposit)

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Free range, hickory smoked ham laced with a veins of truffle subtle . 

This ham is made from the most succulent and sort after scotch fillet, boneless, rolled and ready for carving with delicate veins of truffle running through the ham.  The hams are made in small batches cured using a traditional recipe and genuine Hickory smoke for that authentic artisan flavour.

Free Range Australian pork from Borrowdale Park QLD raised on an Australian family farm that is APIQ certified free range.

Weights fall into 2 categories:

- half ham - approx 1.5kg.  Price is $53 per kg.  The final price will be approx $79.50.

- whole ham - approx 3kg.  Price is $49 per kg.   The final price will be approx $147.

The deposit is $50 per ham.  1-4 days before delivery, you will be advised of the difference from your $50 deposit to the exact weight of the ham, and we will collect payment from you for the balance at that point.

Supply is limited so first in, first served.  We will always do our best to get your ham as close to the size you require.

Delivery dates will be from 15th - 23rd December.


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