Stock - Premium Chicken

Stock - Premium Chicken

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Your kitchens' most versatile stock, our Fond de Volaille is your perfect partner in flavour. Made from the highest quality chicken bones and A-grade Vegetables, this stock is perfect for all types of foods & cuisines, or versatile enough to be reduced to make classic sauces.

Our 100% natural chicken stock is Gluten Free and has absolutely no additives, yeast extracts, powders, preservatives or flavour enhancers. It's just as you would make in your kitchen.

500mL (kg) of Stocksmatter Fond de Volaille is approximately equivalent to 1.5L (kg) of a 12-hour simmered stock

This arrives as a shelf-stable (ambient) product; however, we ask that you please refrigerate once opened and use within 5 days. 

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