Rolled Christmas Pork Loin (Deposit)

Rolled Christmas Pork Loin (Deposit)

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Fully deboned, rolled, scored and tied free range pork loin roasts.  Treat your family to Christmas crackle and succulent roast pork this year.  Hillview Farm’s pork loins will leave you wanting more. 

Price per kg is $28.99

Weights fall into 2 categories:

- 2kg (approx).   Final price is approximately $57.98

- 4kg (approx).  Final price is approximately $115.96

The deposit is $50 per rolled pork loin.  1-4 days before delivery, you will be advised of the difference from your $100 deposit to the exact weight of the rolled pork loin, and we will collect payment for the balance from you at that point. 

Delivery dates will be 22nd - 23rd December.


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