❄ Momma Kombucha - Probiotic Hummus Original

❄ Momma Kombucha - Probiotic Hummus Original

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Our probiotic hummus dips are made fresh with our mature kombucha vinegar, which is teaming with good bacterias and probiotics.

Enjoy as a snack any time of day with slices of cucumber, capsicum and crackers. It also goes beautifully on sandwiches and rolls.

Perfect as a probiotic, plant-based protein supplement. We make all our products fresh, in our kombucha kitchen, in Brookvale, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Contains 1 x jar of 200g probiotic hummus.
Plain Ingredients: Chickpeas, tahini, kombucha vinegar, olive oil, fresh lemon Juice, salt, garlic, cumin, baking soda

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