❄ Momma Kombucha - Chocolate Sauce/Spread

❄ Momma Kombucha - Chocolate Sauce/Spread

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This delicious treat originates from Natalie’s Aunty’s famous chocolate sauce recipe and has been adapted for a bit of gut health and so we can all enjoy it, guilt free!

You won’t believe how delicious it is. Enjoy on warm toast, add to milkshakes, add to coffee, enjoy straight from the pot… just enjoy!

The nutrients in organic coconut oil are packed with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal nutrient lauric acid.

This can provide excellent support to help boost immunity and improve gut health. ALLERGIES: DF, GF, RSF, EGG & NUT FREE, VEGAN (SCHOOL & DAY CARE LUNCH BOX FRIENDLY)

Ingredients: Organic coconut sugar, alkalised dark cocoa powder, Organic coconut oil.

 Must be refrigerated once open, and it thickens in the fridge, so we recommend it for best enjoyment too :)

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