Mili Bees - Honey 500g

Mili Bees - Honey 500g

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Pure local honey.  Created in Western Sydney by our army of bees and extracted without the application of any heat to preserve the flavour and texture.  Triple filtered to remove any wax particles knocked loose during the extracting process, this is the only processing we do to ensure the honey is as pure as when the bees created it and stored it away.

This honey is multi-floral in origin so the flavour and colour of the honey will change with the seasons.  We find that as the season progresses we go from a light golden colour to a dark amber by the end of April.

We sell our honey in 500 gram no drip squeezy bottles or by the kilogram in a clear tub.

As this honey is natural and not filtered to within an inch of it's life it will still retain some particles in it such as pollens and small sugar crystals.  Please note that due to these particles, the honey is prone to crystalisation - that is that the honey will go cloudy and solidify slightly over time. Crystallisation is a natural occurance in all pure honey, it is a reflection of what the bees have been making the honey from, we would expect our honey to crystalise in approximately two to six months.  Crystallised honey is fine to eat and will not impact the quality or flavor however some do not appreciate the consistency. Crystallised honey can be liquified again if you wish by heating the honey to about 40-50 degrees.   For more information on crystalisation, visit

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