❄️ LP's Pigs Head Sausage - 2 Pack

❄️ LP's Pigs Head Sausage - 2 Pack

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The Pigs head sausage contains a large portion of pigs head meat hence the name and while this may seem challenging we assure you it is not. It gives a wonderfully rich texture and mouthfeel. It is seasoned very simply with lots of fresh garlic and white pepper which lends a classic flavour. 

Pigs Head Sausage is wonderful as a breakfast sausage but is also brilliant for pasta dishes or as is with plenty of mustard. 

All of LPs small goods use Australian free range pork, fresh spices and garlic ground just before mixing. It is then cooked in LPs Southern pride smoker which was designed and built in Tennessee. Unlike other smoke houses LPs burns whole logs of applewood and ironbark, both sourced from the blue mountains west of Sydney. This gives LPs products an inimitable smoke and flavour. 

Heating LPs sausages must be cooked prior to consumption. For best heating results place sausages into a pot of cold water and gently bring up to just below a simmer. Then place sausage into a pan or on the bbq for a sizzle. Even though they are already completely cooked this step ensures they are heated throughly, plumps them up and gives them a great snap.

Size | 280g Pack of 2 Sausages

Origin | Sydney, NSW


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