Listo - Tommy's Margarita Mix - 360ml

Listo - Tommy's Margarita Mix - 360ml

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Mix 45ml LISTO with 45ml tequila for the perfect Tommy’s Margarita, every time.

Each 360ml bottle will make 8 drinks.

Ingredients: Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, Purified Water.

LISTO Margarita Mix will last 12 months from date of delivery. Refrigerate after opening.

Beck and Steve are long time Margarita shakers and drinkers. We started LISTO in our kitchen in Bronte as a way to provide authentic, easy as mixes for venues, home bartenders, events and Sunday afternoon revellers.

We’ve grown a little since these early days but our mixes are still fresh, preservative free and made locally.

The first cab off the rank is our Tommy’s Margarita Mix, though we have a few others in the works. We can also provide all the gear you need to shake up a marg, as well as liquor delivered to your door.


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