Italian Pasta Grano Armando - Il Fusillo 500g

Italian Pasta Grano Armando - Il Fusillo 500g

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Adds a bit of joy to pasta salads. It was made using the “fuso”, a typical iron used by spinners to make balls of wool.

Rough die, with its spiral, wraparound shape, typical of Southern Italy.

Did you know that all of Armando pasta is “trafilata al bronzo”?

What does it mean that their pasta is extruded through bronze dies? And more importantly, what difference does it make?

Well, there are two main types of dies or moulds: laminated teflon moulds or bronze dies. Laminated pasta creates a smoother surface which often causes sauces to “slip off” the pasta.

Extrusion through bronze dies creates micro lesions on the pasta giving it a rough, porous texture which helps it absorb sauce perfectly.

Just like mamma’s homemade pasta!

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