Herbs & Spices - Wattle Seed (Ground)

Herbs & Spices - Wattle Seed (Ground)

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Creative Native Foods celebrates the unique flavours of Australia long enjoyed and nurtured by indigenous cultures for more than 60,000 years, supplying native products and ingredients that will spice up any recipe or give it an authentic Australian flavour twist.

All items are sourced Australia-wide from only the highest-quality and premium-grade native ingredients and products. Creative Native Foods work closely with indigenous communities and farmers to create sustainable and responsible sourcing practices to ensure quality and the longevity of the Native Australian Industry.

(Acacia species) There are many recorded species of edible Acacia seeds from diverse climatic zones, all varying in size, colour and flavour profiles. Light roasting preserves more nutritional values and “grain” characters than a darker roast. Single species or a blend are versatile in a multitude of sweet and savoury applications, especially baked goods.

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