❄️ La Boqueria - Fuet Anis Seco

❄️ La Boqueria - Fuet Anis Seco

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Just like its Barcelona namesake, La Boqueria Smallgoods is a collection of produce dedicated to authenticity, prime ingredients and of course, flavour. Unlike the iconic La Rambla institution though, this La Boqueria has been created right here in Sydney, Australia. We not only use sustainable, cruelty free animals, but the very best of the animals that the recipe dictates.

La Boqueria Artisan Fuet Anis Seco

The perfect combination of Australian Pork and fennel. This salami is cured to a semi firm state with a moist feel and a full fennel flavour, thanks to the whole fennel seeds used in this recipe.     

Serving suggestion. Great for charcuterie platters.

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