Eggs, Hilltops Free Range

Eggs, Hilltops Free Range

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Clean air, clean food

Our farm is in the cleanest region in Australia. The chickens feed on lush green grass and bask in the glorious sun, making Hilltops free range eggs naturally healthy and the yolk bright orange.

Beyond Free Range

The chickens in our Hilltops farm roam around with 180 sq.m. per chicken. We move their mobile sheds around every few days so they can always enjoy fresh green grass. No barns nor cages. Pastured eggs from happy chickens.

Fresh Farm to Table

Hilltops Free Range eggs are brought to you directly from our farm, fresh and organic. There is minimal storage, nor long distribution chains. We have our own delivery trucks.  From the farm to your table in hours.

Pastured eggs

'Pastured' means our our chickens are raised outdoors, eat fresh green grass and enjoy the sun and wind on their feathers. They are protected by our Maremma Sheepdogs.

Biodynamic organic

We rotate the paddocks on our 2,000acres farm between our chickens, Merino sheep and Angus beef cattle. We apply biodynamic and organic farming principles to protect the land and respect the animals.

No additives

No hormones added, no omega-3 fish additives, no pesticides, no yolk coloring, no GMs. All food grown and produced locally. Naturally produced food for best taste and nutritional characteristics.

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