Doodles Creek - Mayonnaise

Doodles Creek - Mayonnaise

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Doodles Creek is a family-owned food business passionate about food, in particular the production of deliciously creamy Australian made mayonnaise.

There is no compromise to quality and the products are as natural as the manufacturing and storage processes will allow, thickening products traditionally using free-range eggs and without any added water of preservatives. 

  • Rich creamy flavour
  • Free-range eggs
  • 100% pasturised eggs
  • Gluten and dairy free

Traditional Mayonnaise

This is a traditional French-style mayonnaise with a hint of garlic.
It is thick and creamy with just the right balance of lemon and white wine vinegar to combine perfectly with chicken and celery for the quintessential chicken sandwich.

Chilli Lime Mayonnaise

The mayonnaise has just enough heat to fire up the taste buds. It has been known to be eaten by the spoonful on its own but it is also perfect with fresh prawns, boiled potatoes, fish or chicken. This mayonnaise is gluten and dairy free.

Dill & Lime Mayonnaise

The subtle dill flavour and lemony zing make this mayonnaise a perfect accompaniment to most fish dishes.You can also mix Doodles Dill and Lime mayonnaise with some chopped boiled potatoes for an instant potato salad or add to chopped hard boiled egg for a wonderful sandwich filler.

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