Cordial - "Lola" - Hello Lovelies

Cordial - "Lola" - Hello Lovelies

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Hello Lovelies small batch cordials are made with seasonal quality fruit and vegetables with the odd foraged herb, all local to the Mudgee region.  The (rain)water is courtesy of Mother Nature and not via a treatment plant.  A teeny bit of citric acid is added to keep the nasties out – you can find this naturally in citrus fruits.

Hand peeled, juiced and pressed, they are made with a lot of love.  Using our experience as winemakers, cooks and sommeliers, we have ensured that when you taste one of them, your palate will be entertained. It’s not just a cordial.  Each has their own personality and we think they are truly lovely…..


Tastes like cherry cola? Cherries and wild fennel foraged from the road taking us to the orchard. Dark, intriguing and perhaps a little ‘Kinky’ (those over a certain age will get this reference…’la la la la LOLA’). 

Dark and juicy...

1 bottle makes 3.5 litres


sugar, water, Mudgee cherries, citric acid, foraged wild fennel, cinnamon, black tea, chilli


Soda: Dilute 1 part syrup with 4-5 parts water (we like sparkling mineral water or soda water best but still water is just fine).

Old fashioned spiders: Dilute syrup with soda water and add your favourite ice cream (Lola and French Vanilla, Oh Regina and Dark Chocolate, Frenchy and Coconut…..)    

Vinaigrette: 1 part syrup + 1 part Dijon Mustard + 3 parts oil + seasoning (works best with Oh Regina or Frenchy)

Glaze for meat: Great for fatty meats such as duck or pork. Either baste the meat in the oven or deglaze the frying pan after cooking meat and allow to toffee with a little salt or soy sauce.

Cocktails: Gin and Vodka are ‘best friends’ with hello lovelies cordials.

Icy poles: Turn average into a-maaaazing!

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