Honey, 100% Natural Raw

Honey, 100% Natural Raw
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Our 100% Natural Raw Honey comes from hives that live year round on our farm in Batlow, NSW.

How is it made?
We take pure raw honey, straight from the honeycombs, and strain it through 1.5mm mesh before bottling.

This mesh is small enough to remove large unwanted impurities but large enough to allow beneficial pollen, propolis, and sometimes a small amount of wax to remain.

Our honey isn’t artificially heated, pasteurized, and contains no additives, which means that it will sometimes crystallize faster than processed (ie. heated and filtered) honey. Crystallization does not change the quality of honey, it only affects some external features like colour and texture.

How to store honey?
The optimum temperature for storing honey is above 21ºC (room temperature) in a tightly closed container. 

How to return honey to liquid?
Simply place the honey into a warm bath (no hotter than 40c) with the lid off for about 20-30 minutes. 

Available in small (500g) and large (1kg).

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