School Partnerships

A new alternative to unhealthy fundraising using cakes or other sugar filled goods is our offer of locally grown fruit and veg to Sydney schools. With Hillview Farms, instead of buying chocolates or baking sweets, parents can now shop for farm fresh produce and support their child’s school at the same time. We'll also supply the school canteen with free boxes of our produce as orders from parents increase to over 20 per week.

Not only do we want to help eradicate processed sugar from our schools, but also the need for so much fundraising.

What does a partnership with Hillview Farms mean? 

  • 10% of sales go back into your school. When parents & friends order our fresh produce, we'll donate 10% of their spend straight back to your school. Imagine what kind of difference that could make to your P&C funding!
  • Additional 10% off for your teachers & staff. We recognise the incredible work that teachers do. They're the unsung heroes of our children's future and we want to show our gratitude.
  • Free fresh fruit for the canteen & kitchen. Healthy snacks give kids the right kind of energy to learn. Once your school hits 20 orders a week, we’ll give you a delicious fresh fruit box to keep little minds and bodies healthy!

When your school partners with us, you will also be supporting Australian farmers. We pay our farmers up to 60% more than the supermarket giants, by cutting out the middleman. Our aim is to see our family farming communities flourish again and you can help. 

On top of all that, our fresh produce is great for your taste buds (and your tummy). It's locally grown, sourced from our family farmers and delivered to you within about 24-72 hours of picking. Now that's honestly fresh!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up to become one of our partners, please fill out the form HERE or email us at We would love to hear from you.