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The chilli is a relative of the capsicum family, but with a spicy kick. Perfect...

Crushed Chilli & Garlic - Newman's
Fresh in flavour, ready to use straight from the jar. Great to use in tomato-based...

Fancy Hanks - Cayenne & Watermelon Hot Sauce
Fruity and fresh with mild chillies. If you’re new to spice, here’s your jumping off...

Fancy Hanks - Chicken Salt
We've all been asked before; regular salt or chicken salt? Doesn't matter if you call...

Fancy Hanks - BBQ Coffee & Molasses
Strong and rich, just like we want to be one day. We serve this with...

Fancy Hanks - Taco Rub Seasoning
Having a party? Here's two ideas for you. Grab some chicken thighs, shake on our...