Easy Lunchbox Fruits & Veggies For Kids

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make your kid’s lunch boxes great again? We have compiled a list of some scrumptious fruit based additions that you can add to your kid’s lunch box!  As children develop, it is important to fuel them with a balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. This means a tasty combination of fresh fruit and vegetables. These lunch box ideas are jam packed with flavour and nutrition. These snack ideas will easily find their way into your child’s next lunch.

Easy Lunchbox Fruits & Veggies For Kids | Hillview Farms


Apples are a classic, reliable source of tasty nutrition. Whether it is a whole apple or slices, children often love the delicious, crunchy, satisfaction of biting into a fresh apple. They’re simple to add to any lunchbox and the options for creativity are limitless.


Bananas are natures pre-packaged fruits, full with nutritional content.  They’re easy to buy in bulk and notorious for keeping kids energised.

Bananas | Hillview Farms


Carrots aren’t only for rabbits! They are also yummy snacks for both children and adults. The beautiful thing about carrot sticks is that they’re a welcome addition to dips. Try cutting them up the night before and add a tangy hummus or tzatziki dip.


Similar to carrots, celery sticks are perfect for dip.  One Aussie favourite you could try is spreading vegemite and cheese. These keep so well that you can make a whole batch of these a couple nights before!


Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes. They’re the base ingredient to most dishes and of course crowd favourites such as spag bol, burgers, pizza and of course salads. Leftovers are great options, but we’re seeing more and more parents adding in cherry and grape tomatoes to lunch boxes. You can easily add some cheese, boiled eggs and a tasty dressing and ‘badda bing, badda boom’, you’ve got a mini lunchbox salad!

Cherry Tomatoes | Hillview Farms


Mandarins are the perfect snack fruit that bursts with vibrant flavour. Children love tearing the flesh off to reveal the sweet succulent juicy core of the fruit. You can either arrange the fruit segments in a fun and decorative way, or just chuck them in (especially if the kids are running late!)

Fresh Fruits & Veggies At Hillview Farms

There are so many combinations of fruit and vegetables that you can pack into your child’s lunchbox. Whether it is a banana or a fruit salad or even carrot sticks and dip, Good healthy school lunches give your child the energy and nutrition to ensure they are in top form for school.  If you are looking for unbelievably fresh, pesticide free produce, Hillview Farms is ideal for you. We’re known for delivering flavour and unbeatable freshness in every single bite

We are passionate about where our food comes from, and that is why we grow it ourselves. Any produce we don’t personally grow ourselves comes from our trusted neighbor’s, family & friends. They share the same quality control and values as we do. If you are ready to take a bite into what we have on offer, have a look at our in seasonal fruit and veggie produce here.